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​Deep Ocean Marine Engineering LLC - DOMEL

This Company was founded in 2008 on the premise that the maritime industry needs a fully transparent recycling process that emphasizes workers safety and proper documented disposal of all environmentally hazardous material. All our business processes are targeted at maintaining the highest level of environmental integrity and cost competitiveness. We believe that eco-friendly business practices as the preservation and protection of our natural resources with efficient operations.

DOMEL is OMAN based enterprise engaged in various Businesses.The company has four business verticals.


Chemical and Minerals

Agro Business

Our company is a strongly bonded group and work on the basis of team spirit.

We have young, dynamic, enthusiastic and committed team members who believe in extremely professional approach and sincere performance

Domel Lead ingots Alloy Remelted Polypropylene Chips/granules Tuna Sardine Olive Oil

Deep Ocean Marine Engineering LLC

Business Process

Domel follows a standard business procedure for smooth transactions.

DOMEL is member of Battery Council International