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Deep Ocean Marine Engineering
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This Company was founded in 2008 on the premise that the maritime industry needs a fully transparent recycling process that emphasizes workers safety and proper documented disposal of all environmentally hazardous material. From Marine engineering to Petrochemical products and Agro Products Trading, the journey of DOMEL has been exemplary. The Company is now poised to break into bigger and better opportunities to Recycling of used Lead Acid Battery & Smelting of Lead Concentrate" to produces Lead Ingots & Polypropylene Chips/Granules The Lead-Acid Battery Industry is acknowledged worldwide as a model for product recycling. Environment-friendly Battery Recycling prevents large amounts of Lead from going waste, saves energy and reduces pollution as compared to primary production. These important goals can be accomplished while harvesting the maximum amount of recyclable used lead-acid batteries, scrap metals and reusable equipment from the vessels.


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Welcome to Deep Ocean Marine Engineering

Deep Ocean Marine Engineering LLC

Produces Lead Ingots & Lead Alloy and remelted Lead,Polypropylene Chips/Granules

Manufacturing industries Battery Recycling Lead Ingots Lead Smelting Battery Scrap Olive Tuna Sardine

​The company has three business verticals

Agro Business 

DOMEL has proven itself through demonstrated competence and compliance with all complete environmental regulations.

Our professional staff provides in depth knowledge and exceptional personal assistance to all our customers. We believe in constant improvements and to achieve that, periodical market survey is done and regular consumer feedback is collected. Our client list include dealers in the countries like US, Europe, China, Taiwan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UAE, Vietnam and Singapore, Pakistan.

Supplier of Canned Tuna , Sardine Extra Virgin oilve oil and Importer of wide range of Agro based products.




​"We are working to make sure we don't only protect the environment; we also improve the world we live in......"